Travel Tales: Paige Greene

Paige Greene is one of those effortlessly-cool beauties - the ultimate girl's girl, who you just know has all the answers.  She's a fashion consultant that supports an array of female-led businesses and is the curator of the pop-up shop series Casa Sur and A Modern Woman.  Originally from Canada, this Brooklyn-based babe has travelled the world on business and pleasure, and will always be one of our go-to girls for travel advise. 

What is your favorite destination you've ever been to? 
It’s too hard to choose just one place, but I’d have to say a recent trip to Portugal. 
Why is that one out of all your travels your favorite?  
The food, wine (ahh the vinho verde) and all round good vibes of the locals. 
Did anything particularly crazy or memorable happen on this trip? 
We covered all of our bases, first stop was in historic Porto where we hiked around the city, all the while eating and drinking excessively. Next we took the train to Lisbon, amazing culture and really cool bars. My favorite was built on top of an old parking garage with a view of the city and a massive jug of sangria. Lastly, we took a road trip to the surf town of Ericeira and stayed at the cutest place ever, Magic Quiver Surf Lodge. 
Who is your go-to travel buddy? 
My better half (and husband) Eric, and if we’re travelling domestically in North America I drag my mutt, Wizard on just about ever trip. No one gets left behind :)
What's your favorite type of destination and why? 
I love a good mix of both city vibes and outdoor adventure.
Where is your next destination?  How did you come to pick it?
Hopefully we’ll get to go on a baby-moon somewhere in the US, currently looking for suggestions! 
What are five of your must haves in your bag when you travel to a warm weather destination?   
Sunscreen, swimsuit, straw hat, cotton dress and a Mexican market bag to hold it all!
What are your must-haves for airplane travel?
Facial spray, sheet mask and a sarong that can double as a scarf or light blanket to keep warm in the AC.
    What is your personal travel style like? Does it emulate your style in everyday life, or do you experiment with different types of styles?
    I like to be comfortable but chic, and have plenty of pieces of layer. I always have a selection of dresses, but pair them down with sneakers so it doesn’t hinder the walking tour.

    What are some of your travel pro secrets? Let us in on them!
    I pride myself on packing for a two week trip with just a carry on! I chose a neutral color pallet for my wardrobe and make sure that everything can be worn interchangeably, and then throw in some prints. 



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