Resort Bucket List 2018

We are a bit biased here at Baiae about the types of vacations we like to take.  We are obsessed with the water, whether it's a peaceful bay, oceanfront or a stunning pool.  So the following resorts should not be a surprise!
1. Therasia Resort Sea & Spa - Vulcano, Italy - Located off the coast of Sicily, Therasia is located on an Aeolian island called Vulcano.  We love this resort for it's seaside location, luxurious spa and Michelin cuisine.   
2. Hanging Gardens of Bali - Bali, Indonesia - Featuring one of the most spectacular pools in the world, you can luxuriate in your own private villa.  Who needs the ocean when you've can swim, dine and lounge in a jungle paradise.  
3. The Royal Mansour - Marrakech, Morroco - Your Riad (Morrocan for house) comes with a private rooftop plunge pool.  Need we say more?               
4. Sofitel Bora Bora Private Island - Bora Bora, Tahiti - Set on a private island and only 31 private overwater bungalows in the entire resort.  True escape from it all!
5.  Post Ranch Inn - Big Sur, Ca - The views here are breathtaking!  Located in one of the most beautiful places in the US.  You are perched on a cliff surrounded by mountains and the Pacific Ocean below.  Total privacy awaits.
6. Wild Coast Tented Lodge - Yala, Sri Lanka - This is the place you didn't know about but now that you know, you will feel drawn to visit.  This resort which is situated adjacent to the world famous Yala National Park where leopards and sloths roam, looks otherworldly.  The most luxurious tent that you will ever stay in.
7.  Jade Mountain - St Lucia, West Indies - Most of the rooms here have private infinity pools!  The materials used in the construction of the resort were all sourced locally and are sustainable.  You can practice yoga, snorkel, bird watch, hike, kayak or just chill at the spa.  



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